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Toyota as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works

Toyota is currently one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Initially, like other companies in the industry, it was not involved in the production of cars at all. In 1918, Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese industrialist and designer, founds a spinning and weaving company, from which Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was founded in 1926 and is currently active on the market. In 1933 it was time to make changes in production. An automotive department was created at Toyoda.

Toyoda first cars

Demand for domestic production cars in Japan resulted in the rapid development of a new industry. In 1934 the first Type A engine was produced, and a year later the first prototype of the Model A1 passenger car and the prototype of the Model G1 heavy truck were created. Serial production of vehicles began in 1936: the AA model and initially the AB model were called Toyod, not Toyot, after the name of their designer. The following year, the name changed and the Toyota Motor Company was registered.

Toyota car service in UK

World War II

Despite the crisis caused by the outbreak of World War II, Toyota is working on a small car that could motorize Japan. In 1947, the SA model was completed with an engine capacity of 1000 to 1500 ccm. Unfortunately, the car was not very popular. The company plunged into financial problems, and Kiichiro Toyoda resigned as president. Taizo Ishida took command of the company.

Toyota Crown

1950s and 1960s is a turn of the situation on the market. Within a few years, the company began to modernize its plants and produced more and more vehicles, and in 1952 production amounted to 14,000 cars per year. The Toyota Crown has been created since 1955, and the R4 and R6 gasoline and diesel engines were used to propel the vehicle in several variants. The Crown model had rear-wheel drive.

Toyota Corona

Two years after Crown, Corona sales began. The car was also available in many body styles such as sedan, station wagon, coupe, liftback and pick-up. Under the hood there are R4 units with a capacity of 1.0 to 2.4 liters, and the drive went to the rear. Only in the eighth generation the drive was transmitted to the front wheels.

Toyota's expanse on the world

Toyota opened its representative office in Canada, the USA and Brazil, and Denmark was the first European country to which its cars went. A new management system was also introduced, which assumed, among others adjusting the production volume to the current market situation.

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