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The most interesting models in the 120 year history of the Renault brand

From the beginning, Renault has been observing the current needs of the recipients and is experimenting to ensure them. Many interesting and innovative models have appeared throughout Renault's history.
We present a list of distinguished Renault models in the rich history of the French brand.

Louis, Marcel and Ferdynand Renault

The beginnings of the brand date back to 1899, when the company was founded by three brothers named Renault: Louis, Marcel and Ferdynand. Louis Renault had already built his own car the year before, which was able to drive up the steepest street in Paris. This feat initiated the rapid development of the enterprise, which was supposed to produce mainly luxury cars. However, the purchase of the company by the state in 1944 and the presentation of a cheap 4CV model changed the attitude of the brand. Since then, Renault has designed cars according to the expectations of its customers. At the same time, they were not afraid of experimenting and implementing innovative solutions for their cars.

Renault car service in UK

The most interesting models of the brand from the beginning up to modern times

Renault Type A (1898)

The auto built by Louis Renault powered a single-cylinder, 1.75 HP air-cooled engine. Later, the engine was replaced with a two-cylinder, twice as powerful, with water cooling. The vehicle had an innovative powertrain. The drive was transmitted through a clutch, gearbox, main shaft with differential with rear wheels.

Renault Vivastella (1929)

A luxury limousine, produced for 10 years (1929-1939) in two generations (from 1935 with a more streamlined body). Big market success, frequent engine and body modernizations.

Renault 4CV (1947)

The first Renault produced in excess of one million copies. Designed during the war, inspired by the German "Beetle". The 4CV had a sedan body with a 0.7-liter, 21-horsepower engine located at the rear. In addition to France, they were produced in seven other countries around the world.

Renault Dauphine (1956)

Produced in over 2 million copies.
Initially, it was to replace 4CV, but both models were produced simultaneously for 5 years. Dauphine was also a sedan with a rear engine and rear-wheel drive. It had a longer body (almost 4 meters) and an engine boosted to 27 HP with a capacity of 845 cm³. A 37-horse Gordini variety was also offered.

Renault Floride / Caravelle (1958)

It was established mainly on the American market. It was only available as a 2-door convertible or 2-door coupe. The drive was served by a Dauphine engine (845 cm³) reinforced to 37 HP. In 1962, it was replaced by a 48-horsepower engine with a capacity of 956 cm³, and two years later - 1108 cm³ with 55 hp. Floride reached 60 mp / h (97 km / h) in less than 18 seconds.

Renault 4 (1961)

The first Renault passenger car with front-wheel drive. Available as a five-door hatchback or a two-door van (Fourgonette). In 1961–62, a thinner strain called Renault 3 was also produced. During 31 years, more than 8 million 'fours' were produced.

Renault 16 (1965)

The model, which won the title of the Car of the Year 1965. It had a functional hatchback body with a folding rear seat, but due to the right dimensions (423 cm in length) it was then classified as a middle class car. Engines: 1.5-1.6 (56-94 HP). The most powerful version (TX) was distinguished by double front headlights and rich equipment, e.g. rear wiper, air conditioning and electric windshields.

Renault 5 (1972)

It was created during the fuel crisis in the early 1970s. Initially, it was only available as a 3-door hatchback. From 1974, it was also available as a sedan (Renault 7), and in 1979 the 5-door variant was presented. Renault 5 engines was R4 and R8 (0.8-1.3). There was many sporting versions like: Alpine, Gordini or Turbo.
5 was a huge market success in the form of 5.5 million cars sold.

Renault Espace (1984)

Precursor of the minivan segment in Europe. The first Espace measured only 425 cm, weighed 1200 kg and then shocked by its versatility. It had seven individual seats that could be folded, removed, and even turned. The offer includes 4 × 4 (Quadra) and 88-horsepower turbodiesel 2.1.

Renault Kangoo (1998)

Renault's response to the combos of PSA (Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partner). Simple construction, above-average functionality, low price translated into market success. The offer includes extended version (Maxi) and outdoor (Pampa).

Dacia Logan (2004)

Logan ushered in a new chapter in the history of the Dacia brand - it is a completely new budget model, which has also gained popularity in Western Europe and is sold under many names around the world. Body versions: sedan, station wagon, van, pick-up. The second generation of the model is currently being produced.

Renault Zoe (2012)

Renault engineers was working on electric cars from the 70s. However, only six years ago they presented the production version of the all-electric model Zoe. The car was the first which exceed the 200 km range barrier (it traveled 210 km on a single charge) and is currently the best-selling electric car in Europe.

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