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The beginnings of Range Rover

The brand has continued to evolve since the appearance of the first Range Rover in 1970. Range Rover is the most luxurious SUV in the world and is distinguished by a great level of sophistication, inherent off-road capabilities and inspirational design, as well as technological innovations.

1969 - Range Rover Velar prototype

The first Range Rover was a closely guarded secret. His prototype was called "Velar". This name comes from the Italian word "velare", meaning cover or cover. Designers and engineers involved in the creation of this revolutionary new vehicle gave this name to hide its identity. The first 26 prototypes even carried a badge with this name.

1970 - the first production Range Rover with three-door body

After successfully testing the Velar concept vehicle, the first Range Rover was shown to the world. It met with widespread recognition due to the rare combination of off-road capabilities and elegant design. It was the first vehicle to offer permanent 4-wheel drive, a split boot lid, a bonnet that opens to the front and a contoured side line over the entire length.

Range Rover car service in UK

1981 - four-door Range Rover

After 11 years, the Range Rover Classic appeared on the market in a four-door version, and thus expanded the choice for more and more vehicle lovers.

1994 - 2nd generation Range Rover

The stylistic accents of the more luxurious II generation model, such as the legendary silhouette or the introduction of rectangular headlights in place of round ones, have stood the test of time and have made the vehicle immediately recognizable to this day.

2001 - 3rd generation Range Rover

This still evolving Range Rover was the first vehicle whose body had a one-piece monocoque design. The inspiration when designing the skeleton was taken from the Italian Riva speedboat, while the luxury yacht's rope pulleys were a model for the metallic interior trim elements.

2004 - Range Stormer concept vehicle

The Stormer concept vehicle became famous for presenting the future design direction of Range Rover, as well as for its bold approach to introducing new technologies into vehicles.

2005 - production of the Range Rover Sport

The introduction of the first sports SUV in the Range Rover family has proven that Land Rover is all about performance. The powertrain range included a 4.2-liter gasoline engine with mechanical compressor that provided excellent performance. Range Rover Sport also offered cross-linked air suspension allowing for height adjustment, which improved comfort and 4x4 drive, both on and off the road. Adjusting the suspension height was one of the many new pieces of equipment that reflected the dynamic properties in the appearance of the vehicle.

2008 - LRX concept vehicle

This cross-coup├ę concept vehicle was an ambitious venture for the Land Rover design team. The concept vehicle, addressed to drivers rarely traveling off-road, still retained Land Rover's legendary off-road characteristics, but at the same time had an interior defined by the press as "futuristic".

2011 - production of the Range Rover Evoque model

"Car of the Year" in many markets - Range Rover Evoque - aroused sensation at its premiere at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Modeled on modifications to the classic Range Rover appearance in design is just one of many concepts taken from LRX.

2012 - 4th generation Range Rover

Range Rover's fourth incarnation was the first to use a lightweight, fully aluminum body structure. It was immediately recognizable due to the long wheelbase and the "floating" roof. The vehicle is also equipped with a new version of the Land Rover Terrain Response® system - an integrated driving technology that automatically selects the best vehicle position according to the terrain.

2013 - Range Rover Hybrid

The first hybrid in the Range Rover family not only provided lower fuel consumption and emissions, but most importantly it did so without compromising off-road capability. To prove this, the vehicle set off on a journey of 16 thousand. km from Solihull to Mumbai, overcoming the most difficult field test along the way - the Himalayas.

2015 - Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Evoque Convertible - the world's first compact 4x4 premium SUV with a folding roof and the largest off-road capabilities. The first Range Rover convertible, combined off-road capabilities with equipment such as a folding roof, while retaining the strong character given to it by Land Rover designers.

2017 - Range Rover Velar

The British compact luxury crossover SUV was unveiled on March 1, 2017 in London, England. Velar was launched in the summer of 2017. The name Velar obviously comes from the name of the first prototype from 1969.

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