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The history of Mercedes began in two places

In Mannheim, where Karl Benz founded the company Benz & Co and Cannstatt, where the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) company was owned by Gottlieb Daimler. In 1985, two years after the company was founded, Benz constructed the engine that was responsible for driving the three-wheeled vehicle.

The test drive ended in a collision with the wall.

Mercedes car service in UK

At that time, Gottlieb Daimler and his assistant Wilhelm Maybach were perfecting the engine of August Otto. In 1883 they patented a high-speed internal combustion engine, and two years later it served as a two-wheel drive.

A rebellious wife

In 1888, Benz's wife, secretly from her husband, decided to travel from Mannhaim, where the studio was, to Pforzheim, 80 kilometers away. She covered the route with a three-wheeled vehicle and bought fuel in pharmacies. After reaching his destination, Karl Benz received a success telegram. Benz introduced modifications under the influence of Bertha's comments, among others low gear, thanks to which it was possible to overcome hills.

Mercedes Bus

In 1893, Benz Viktoria was created, and in 1894 the Velo model, which was the first Benz vehicle manufactured on an industrial scale. The company began producing commercial vehicles, and in 1895 the first bus was built.

Daimler's development

At the same time, not only cars are produced at Daimler's enterprise. Boats are also made and airship experiments are taking place. In the 1890s Daimler and Maybach patented a V-shaped engine and also constructed a 4-speed gearbox and a 4-cylinder power unit. The first car, which was the Phoenix model, was shown in 1897.

Mercedes - daughter of consul in Monaco

Emil Jellinek, Austrian honorary vice consul in Monaco, bought one of Daimler's cars. Because the car attracted a lot of interest, he ordered more copies and sold them at a profit, so he began ordering the next, with the proviso that he wants to have a monopoly on their sale in Austria-Hungary, France, Belgium and America. In addition, he wanted to sell them under the name Mercedes, that is, under the name that was given in honor of his daughter.

Daimler-Benz A.G. fusion

Until now, both Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler have competed in the fight for customers. After the First World War, difficulties arose with the sale of vehicles, and in 1924, to overcome the crisis, companies entered into an agreement. Under it, they undertook to cease competition and began cooperation. Two years later, there is a merger and Daimler-Benz A.G. is established. This cooperation turned out to be one of the longest in the history of the automotive industry, since companies in this combination survived until 1998.

Mercedes - model and its year of production:

  • 1894 - Benz Viktoria
  • 1894 - Velo Benz model
  • 1897 - Phoenix by Daimler and Maybach
  • 1901 - the first Mercedes
  • 1901 - the Sphinx model
  • 1902 - Mercedes Simplex
  • 1924 - Mercedes 24/100 / 140PS
  • 1926 - Mercedes 400
  • 1926 - Mercedes SSK
  • 1928 - Mercedes 18 / 80PS
  • 1930 - Mercedes 770
  • 1934 - Mercedes 500K and 540K
  • 1936 - Mercedes 260D
  • 1937 - Mercedes 320
  • 1951 - Mercedes 300
  • 1954 - Mercedes 219
  • 1954 - Mercedes 300SL
  • 1957 - Mercedes 300 SL Roadster
  • 1972 - Mercedes W116
  • 1975 - Mercedes W123
  • 1979 - Mercedes G-Class
  • 1982 - Mercedes W190
  • 1984 - Mercedes W124
  • 1993 - Mercedes W202
  • 1995 - Mercedes W210
  • 1996 - Mercedes SLK class
  • 1996 - Mercedes M class
  • 1997 - Mercedes W168
  • 2004 - Mercedes CLS
  • 2005 - Mercedes B class
  • 2008 - Mercedes GLK class
  • 2009 - Mercedes W212
  • 2010 - Mercedes SLS AMG

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