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Toyota attack on the luxury car market

In the first half of the eighties, Toyota decided to attack the luxury car segment dominated by German and American premium car manufacturers. A separate Lexus brand was created, which quickly became recognizable in the world and climbed to the top.

LEXUS story

Lexus cars services in UK

August 1983

At a secret meeting in Japan, Toyota CEO Dr Eiji Toyota challenges a team of strategists, engineers and designers: "Can we create a luxury car to compete with the best?"
  • Over 400 prototype vehicles were built.
  • 100 of them were subjected to crash tests.
  • More than 4.3 million test kilometers traveled in Japan, USA and Europe.
  • Over 1,400 engineers and 2,300 technicians took the challenge.
  • 60 designers, 24 engineering teams, and 220 employees are involved in the "F1" project.
Every detail has been thoroughly thought out - at least twice as accurately as that of competitors.

1989 - The Lexus brand was born

  • The first LS 400 is produced, incorporated hundreds of new patents and new standards set for quality and value.
  • 2,919 models were sold in the first month after production.
  • At the Lexus Tahara factory, the welding process for the LS 400 is totally automated, making welds 1.5 times stronger than conventional welded vehicles.

1990 - The Lexus LS400 was introduced to Europe

  • Thanks to the aerodynamic tests of the LS 400, a smooth floor form and many special fairings have been introduced for direct airflow away from the components. This gave the LS 400 class-leading chassis aerodynamics.

1991 Lexus begins its dominance

  • Lexus begins its dominance in customer satisfaction surveys JD Power in the USA, becoming the first brand able to win a "triple crown": in terms of satisfaction, quality and overall rating as the best brand that gives the most satisfaction to customers.
  • Lexus is becoming the number one luxury asset imported into the US, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The new coupe, SC 400, is launched on the US market.

1995 - The second generation LS 400

  • The second generation LS 400 has been produced. The philosophy of solid development of Lexus cars is becoming obvious.

1998 - Lexus becomes the best-selling luxury brand in the US

  • For the first time, Lexus becomes the best-selling luxury brand in the US, ahead of domestic producers Cadillac and Lincoln.
  • The RX 300 is produced creating a completely new market segment - premium SUV.  
  • The RX 300 4x4 is produced with a 3.0 liter V6 VVT-i engine and automatic transmission with normal and snow modes.

2001 - Lexus receives its first JD Power & Associates gold award in England

  • The European range of Lexus models is expanding to five cars with the production of the SC 430 convertible coupe.
  • Its stylish line and classic style were created by the Lexus European Design Center (ED²).
  • The SC 430 is equipped with an elegant aluminum hardtop suitable for all weather conditions, which can be hidden in 25 seconds.

2002 - Minority Report

  • In Germany, IS achieved 86% of the customer satisfaction index, the highest score among all cars awarded in the JD Power survey.
  • This year, Steven Spielberg asked Lexus for help designing a car for Tom Cruise so that he could drive it in his latest blockbuster movie, Minorities Report, the film takes place in 2054.

2005 - Toyota Motor Corporation introduces the Lexus brand in Japan

  • Lexus joins the world's largest design event, Salone del Mobile di Milano (Project Week in Milan).
  • By working with world-renowned designers who create unique installations, Lexus aims to express its vision of a brand of true luxury and its unique interpretation of design.

2011 - Royal Wedding Car

  • The unique, fully hybrid Lexus LS 600h L Landaulet as the official Royal Wedding Car on the occasion of the wedding of His Majesty Prince Monaco Albert II.

2013 - Lexus on Cannes Film Festival

  • Lexus works with the Weinstein Company in an unprecedented collaboration between the automotive and film industries to establish the Lexus Short Films series.
  • Both companies host the premiere of the first five films in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

2016 - Lexus and "The Life RX"

  • Lexus collaborates with actor Jude Law, resulting in the production of "The Life RX".
  • The international promotional campaign is designed to highlight the features of the new luxury SUV, the Lexus RX from 2016.

Lexus hybrid cars sold in the United Kingdom in 2018

Best-selling Lexus hybrid in the UK in 2018

  • Lexus NX - 4835 cars
  • Lexus CT - 2846 cars
  • Lexus RX - 2204 cars
  • Lexus IS - 1572 cars
  • Lexus GS - 274 cars
  • Lexus LS - 76 cars

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