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The most important car in the history of US

Honda Civic is one of the most important cars in the history of automotive not only Japanese but also American. This car has always been one step ahead of the competition with both the concept and technical solutions. Today we present the history of this model.

American dream...

The first generation Honda Civic debuted in 1971. This model was created mainly for the US market. In the 1960s, the Clean Air Act was introduced in the US, which forced Americans to become interested in Japanese cars. Honda Civic was equipped with a CVCC engine - Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, which met American standards without a problem, and all this despite the carburettor power supply and the lack of a catalyst. Already in the 70s, Honda managed the combustion process by appropriate valve control and the use of an additional combustion chamber. Honda decided on a complicated engine construction because the price of the catalysts was too high. Uplifted American companies began to develop the catalyst. That's how Honda Civic became ... an American hit.

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The first generation

The first generation was not a simple car by those day's standards. It had a fully independent suspension and a modern body structure. Honda continued its career overseas with the second generation Civic already equipped with a catalyst.

The effects of the oil crisis.

In 1974, American regulations were another shot in the knee of domestic automotive companies. Stringent provisions have been introduced to reduce fuel consumption. They were the result of the global oil crisis. There were even ideas to buy a complete power package from Honda and install it in American cars, but this did not happen, and Honda had no problems meeting the standards. A modern interior for the time with a high speedometer and automatic transmission was a rarity for the USA.

The first Honda factory in the USA

Honda became the first Japanese manufacturer to open a factory in the USA. However, it produced not Civica, but Accorda. The debut of the third generation Civica in 1983 was a real stylistic breakthrough. The car became lower and wider, which made it look more attractive than its predecessor. The car was already equipped with engines with fuel injection and traditionally a 12-valve head.

Honda on the world market

In 1987, the fourth generation Civic debuts and at the same time it becomes a global product. And so in Europe there is a strong competitor for German and French cars with a sporty silhouette, but expensive. The interior, as in the 1980s, is richly equipped with a full set of indicators. The D series engines, which until now have driven sport varieties, are becoming the primary source of propulsion. Fuel injection is almost standard, and the versions with more power debut engine with VTEC variable valve timing system and 16-valve head with previously unknown performance in compact cars.

In 1991, the popular egg, the fifth generation Civic, debuts. Modern style and spacious interior appeal to Europeans. Just like a modern chassis and engines that provide excellent performance while maintaining low fuel consumption. The VTEC-E system used in 1.5-liter engines debuts under the bonnet, which aims not to increase power, but to reduce fuel consumption.

Honda production in Great Britain

Perhaps the most important moment in the history of the model is 1995 and the sixth generation Civic when Honda begins to produce cars in the UK. Thanks to this, the 5-door liftback and classic station wagon debuts on the European market - both produced only in England.

The first Type-R sports car built by Honda is also being created. The car has a very luxurious and at the same time sporty interior with bucket seats and many sports accents. Its engine with VTEC system reaches 185 hp with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Europeans get VTi and VTEC versions with the iconic B16 engines up to 169 hp. They are available in a 3- and 5-door version as well as a station wagon. It is worth noting that in European varieties produced in England, the Rover diesel engine debuts under the hood.

Stylistic revolution

2005 is a real stylistic revolution in the Honda Civic. Customers complained about the conservative and "grandfather" look of the European variety, so they get a radically modern design reminiscent of concept cars. An important change is the rear suspension based on a torsion beam, which allowed to enlarge the always too small trunk. Even the interior has experienced a real revolution. Since then, the eighth generation of Civic has the nickname UFO. Meanwhile, over the ocean, the ninth generation lives its own life, both as a coupe and sedan and are completely separate from what we have on the Old Continent.

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