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Ford Motor Company - Third time lucky

Henry Ford created his first vehicle prototype in 1896. Three years later, he became one of the founders of the Detroit Cadillac Company, however, due to a conflict with shareholders, he withdraws from the business and sets up his own enterprise. Ford's win in the race with driver Alexander Winton in 1901 served as capital for its launch.
This time, he was also unable to reach an agreement with the partners and resigned from the company, but not from his dreams. In 1903, he founded the Ford Motor Company. It is worth noting that in 1919 Henry's son - Edsel bought back all the shares and the company became fully owned by the Ford family.

Ford car service in UK

America drives T

In 1908, one of the most recognizable models appears - Model T, which was made until 1927. Despite Henry Ford's statement that "you can get a car in any color, provided it is black", the T model was also produced in other colors, but the most was black. Thanks to the introduction of the production line in 1913, it was this car that motorized America. As a result, more and more people could afford Ford T, and in addition loans were introduced to buy a car. As many as 15 million of this car have been produced for 19 years.

World War II

The period of World War II was a time of switching production for the needs of the army. The WSE Fords were built, which were similar to Jeep Willys. In the USA, in the years 1941-1942 a passenger car - V8 Business Coupe was also produced. The car had a 4.0-liter engine and 100 HP. The production of civilian vehicles resumed in 1947. Henry Ford dies then. A completely new model appears on the market in 1950. This was Ford Custom, which was produced for 22 years, and initially became a popular car in diplomatic corps.

Ford models by year of production

  • 1908 – Model T
  • 1927 – new Model A
  • 1941 – Ford GPW i Ford V8 Business Coupe
  • 1950 – Ford Custom
  • 1955 – Ford Thunderbird
  • 1959 – Ford Anglia 105E
  • 1964 – Ford Mustang
  • 1965 – Ford Transit
  • 1967 – Ford Escort
  • 1969 – Ford Capri
  • 1976 – Ford Fiesta
  • 1985 – Ford Scorpio
  • 1993 – Ford Mondeo
  • 1995 – Ford Galaxy
  • 1996 – Ford Ka
  • 1998 – Ford Focus
  • 2002 – Ford Fusion
  • 2003 – Ford C-Max
  • 2006 – Ford S-Max
  • 2008 – Ford Kuga
  • 2012 – Ford B-Max

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