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Chrysler is british now?

Chrysler is an American automotive concern that manufactures cars, among others. In January 2014, the concern was fully acquired by Fiat. As a result of the merger of the two companies, a new company was created: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which was registered in the Netherlands and whose headquarters are in Great Britain.

Chrysler car service in UK

Who was Walter Percy Chrysler?

Walter Percy Chrysler was already an experienced designer, he was 50 years old when in 1925 he decided to create his own company and manufacture the vehicles he designed. Despite being late enough, Chrysler quickly became one of the most popular car brands on the US market.
The American brand has become a mass producer since the launch of its first model. However, the history of the brand was born a few years earlier, when young Walter P. Chrysler became the president of Buick Motors in 1915. Walter P. Chrysler's career at Buick Motors lasted only until 1919. However, the experience and great skills of the 45-year-old American convinced the board of the indebted Maxwell Motor Company to entrust him with the function of boss. This took place in 1921.

Chrysler the Sixth

Only three years later, the company was firmly on its feet and was able to present its customers with Chrysler Six, which sold nearly 33,000 copies. The success of the Six model gave the owner a clear signal for even greater expansion of the company. From 1925, however, it was signed with its own name. It was the beginning of Chrysler Corporation, one of the most innovative brands at the time.

Which Chrysler models are particularly noteworthy?

Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C has been produced since 2005. His design was to refer to the 300 series produced in the 1950s and 1960s. That is why it was decided on a retro style.
Two body types are available - we can choose a four-door sedan or a five-door combi. Regardless of the type, the suspension uses the MacPherson system and multi-link axle. The drive can be rear or four-wheel, and the engine is available in diesel or gasoline versions.

Chrysler 300M

This model, which has been produced since 1994, belongs to the upper class sedans. The name itself also refers to the Chrysler 300 line. They were exclusive cars that Chrysler released in the years 1955-1965. And if so, then their successor must be characterized by elegance and class. A delicate, edge-free body line and a strongly inclined windscreen give the car a dynamic look.

A spacious interior that allows you to feel real luxury should satisfy everyone. Both the front seats and the rear seat are heated, and a wide level of adjustment allows greater comfort. It is worth noting that in 1999 Chrysler 300M received the title of the car of the year magazine "Motor Trend", and the next year it was on the list of the top ten cars of the magazine "Car and Driver".

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler Crossfire, produced since 2003, is distinguished by its sporty figure. The body can be a coupe or a roadster. It is only available in a two-door version. When it comes to appearance, the most distinctive feature here is the rapidly descending trunk line. Also irregularly shaped lamps have their own significance for the overall style of the vehicle.

Inside, you'll find a cockpit with buttons arranged so that the operation can be largely intuitive. The central panel is made of metallic material, thanks to which it clearly stands out from the rest of the dashboard. An interesting fact may be the fact that many of the structural elements used here were borrowed from various Mercedes models, including the dashboard, a large part of the cabin instruments or even the wheelbase and axle distance.

Chrysler Voyager

This car, produced in the years 1984 - 2016, is undoubtedly one of the most popular van cars (although it also appears as a station wagon). Until 2008 it was available in a shorter and a longer version. In the latter case, under the name Grand Voyager.

The most important advantages of this car are its spaciousness and comfort, which it provides to the driver and passengers. The trunk is also very roomy. At the same time, for a car of such dimensions, Voyager does not burn much. Other noteworthy advantages of this vehicle are great driving properties, very good acceleration and mechanical durability at a decent level.

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