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Record sales of Chevrolet in the UK

In February last year, Chevrolet made a record of selling cars on the islands. This result is surprising because the record concerned the lowest, not the highest number of cars sold.

In February last year, Chevrolet sold only one car on the British market.

Chevrolet car service in UK

Overall, January 2018 was a bad month for the automotive industry around the world. In the United States, deliveries fell by one percent, despite increased fleet sales, while in the United Kingdom sales fell by 25 percent, with only the SUV segment growing.

This information sounds quite shocking, but there is a very simple explanation. Chevrolet is no longer officially represented in Europe, but some dealers legally import Corvette and Camaro to the Old Continent. We don't know the exact model of the single Chevy vehicle sold in the UK, but there are few options.

What could Chevrolet offer to the British if it returned to the European market?

The smallest Chevrolet - Spark

The list of models opens Spark. We know the name because Spark could be bought in Europe. The current one is a slightly modified Opel Karl. Karl can also be bought in Europe. It's a successful and mature car for this class, but it doesn't make a big career. Therefore, introducing Spark on our market would not make much sense.

It gets interesting from the Cruze model.

Cruze sold in Europe was a nice, but quite boring car. The new Cruze, present in the US since 2016, is based on the current Opel Astra. This is a good, good riding model, so Chevrolet probably is. By the way, it looks nice - although in general, the appearance of most Chevrolets can not be faulted. Choice of hatchback or sedan.
Under the hood of this model in the US you can find a 1.4 Turbo petrol engine with a power of 155 hp or - interestingly - a 140 HP 1.6 diesel. The basic versions have a manual gearbox, the medium ones have a six-speed automatic, and the top ones have a gearbox with up to nine gears. Pretty reasonable car.

Insignia as Malibu

Malibu is slightly longer than the Insignia (it measures 4.92 m), you can also buy them in a hybrid variant, consisting of a 1.8 gasoline engine and electric. In addition, 1.5T and 2.0T units are available. As in Insignia. But in Europe, this model is unlikely to threaten the favorite of lightning fleets.

Impala crocodile

Impala is not prestigious enough and simply too big. After all, only premium cars have been selling in Europe for some time. The Impala is 5.1 meters long. Choice of - 2.5 200 HP and six-cylinder 3.6 305 HP engines. This is the largest Chevrolet sedan.

Volt and Bolt - electric boys

Chevrolet offers two electric cars. Their names are Volt and Bolt. They are quite an interesting option considering that the United Kingdom has also decided to exclude all gasoline and diesel vehicles from road traffic in the country. Trade in traditional cars is to be stopped in 2040.

The Chevrolet Bolt (with a B) is a pure electric vehicle. The only source of the Bolt’s propulsion is an electric motor. To “fuel” a Bolt, you plug it in to charge its battery pack. You never go to the gas station because the Bolt doesn’t have an engine, gas tank, or a tailpipe.

The Chevrolet Volt (with a V) is a plug-in hybrid. It has two power plants. The Volt uses both a battery to power an electric motor and a gas tank to power an internal combustion engine. Sometimes the Volt works like an electric car and other times it functions as a regular gasoline vehicle. Volt drivers plug in their cars on most days but only visit a gas station a few times a year.

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