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Who was the owner of Audi brand?

Today, the Audi brand is one of the pillars of the Volkswagen Group. Few people know, however, that there was a period in history when Audi belonged entirely to the Daimler-Benz group. Audi in the history of motoring became famous among others the introduction of many innovative technological solutions to the offer, which have become standard solutions used by many car manufacturers.

Audi car service in UK

120 years of passion

The beginnings of Audi date back to 1899, when August Horch and Carl Benz founded a company in Cologne called A.Horch & Cie, which mainly dealt with the production of luxury cars. Because Horch was a fan of car rallies, he wanted to develop the production of sports cars, which, however, did not appeal to other company shareholders.

At the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, the company had financial problems, as a result of which Horch left the company and founded a new company called August Horch Automobilwerke. However, by court decision, he had to change his name (the court did not agree to use his name in the company name) and in April 1910 he renamed it Audi Automobilwerke. The use of the word Audi was not accidental here, because in Latin it meant "listen", i.e. identical to the German word "horchen", from which the imperative mode is "horch".

Audi on the British market

The economic slowdown in the UK has had a negative impact on the UK car market. Audi recorded a decline of 1.3 percent compared to 175217 cars of this brand sold last year, which was still a better result than the entire shrinking market.

The best-selling Audi models of 2018 - Audi in Europe

Last year, the Audi sales locomotive was undoubtedly of great interest in the Q family models (+ 10.8%, around 689 150 cars). More than a third of Audi introduced to the market were SUVs. The Q2 model sold best among them in Europe. Apart from Germany (23,167 cars), it was also very popular in Great Britain (12,636 copies) and Italy (11,068 vehicles). Q3 global sales increased by 11.3 percent in December to around 20,950 cars. However, the model that achieved the greatest success in 2017 was definitely the Audi Q5 (281,850 cars sold). The sales increase (by 3.9 percent) was also recorded by the Audi Q7.

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