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Broken car. Is it a trap?

On our pages you can find car services nearby, which are "women friendly".

No, that's not a bad joke!!

We really want to help, just like garage owners. We don't want to offend anyone. "Women friendly" car workshops offer such services as:
  • picking up the car from home,
  • checking the repair price in a competitive workshop,
  • no jargon
Employees avoid jargon and appreciate the attempt to explain whether the car is making "puffr puffr" or rather "wrr wrr". With us you will find a car service where you will feel comfortable, without stress, that you do not know something or do not understand something.

Woman friendly car services in UK

Why women are getting nervous, when car is broken?

Many women admit that they get nervous when driving a car to male-dominated garages. While some women know everything you need to know about cars, others are afraid that they will be deceived because they lack knowledge about cars. Women will feel vulnerable if something breaks down in the car and they need to take it for repair. Some put it off as long as possible, which can cause further damage to the car and put people in danger in it.

What is statistics saying?

According to statistics from the Automotive Industry Institute (IMI):

  • 20% of women feel uncomfortable when it comes to car repairs.
  • 25% of female drivers have never serviced a car with a professional mechanic.
The garage environment and the fear of rising costs associated with cheating and unnecessary work were the main disincentives for women.

Based on IMI data:

  • 36% of female drivers admitted that they do not know about the car and are fully dependent on the garage tips,
  • 17% thought they were overloaded in the past,
  • 22% find the atmosphere uncomfortable,
  • 28% were afraid to ask technical questions,
  • 31% were confused by jargon.
When something went wrong with their cars, many of these female drivers said there was no garage to take their cars to, which puts them at great risk due to the uncomfortable atmosphere and high costs.

How choose the right garage?

Experts recommend servicing the car at least once a year, so be sure to find a garage where you will be comfortable. It's best not to wait for something to go wrong because making hasty decisions can result in higher fees and makes you feel uncomfortable when you see your car.

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