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Window tinting in the car. Is this just lans?

Window tinting in the car is an element of tuning, which gives the opportunity to stand out from the gray crowd. Thanks to this, the car looks much better, that's my opinion. Window tinting, apart from being able to stand out from the crowd, gives us a number of other advantages. Are you curious what this is? So I encourage you to read this article.

But first, what does the law say?

In Great Britain, very simple rules apply to dimming car windows. If you want to install tinted windows, the law allows it with the following visible light transmission (VLT).
The vehicle's windscreen must have more than 75% VLT, which means it must pass more than 75% of the light through the window. The side windows next to the driver must have at least 70% VLT, therefore these windows must not block more than 30% of the total light. Each window at the rear of the driver can have any color level. There are no British rules limiting any level of darkness in the side windows behind the driver, as well as in the case of the rear window. British regulations do not limit the level of darkness on the rear window, so you can even paint it with black paint.

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What can we gain by tinting the windows?

  • I will put security here as the main advantage. During an accident, the risk of falling broken glass falling into the vehicle is reduced. It can also make life difficult for a thief who is trying to steal a radio or other things from our car.
  • Thanks to the tinted windows we have some kind of greater privacy.
  • As in winter, the car heats up more slowly by the sun in summer.
  • Added to this is passenger comfort that cannot be overestimated. Surely, many parents remember the moment when a small ray of sunlight feld on the face of a sweet sleeping toddler at the back seat, and how it can change a charming ride into a war drama.

With a friend in the garage or in a professional workshop?

We know how happy it is when we do something ourselves in our beloved car. Of course, nobody defends the window tinting with a friend in the garage, but you should think about whether the effect will be satisfactory. Personally, I think that the cost of tinting windows is not high and you can afford it in a professional factory that deals with it. Without special equipment, we can simply not be satisfied with the effect of our work. If you already decide to tint the car windows yourself, you should equip yourself with a good heat gun and good quality foil.

How much does it cost?

We checked prices of window tinting in professional workshops. We asked about the price of dimming windows behind the driver, i.e. side and rear. The cost was between 150 and 200 pounds.
If you want to darken the windows yourself, you can buy a ready-made package. The kit includes a window tint film, cut to meet the car's specifications, and an assembly kit. We've checked the prices of several websites and the cost of the set is around £ 50. Prices are averaged and include VAT.

If not dimming foil, than what?

Darkening foil is not the only way we can choose. We can also opt for window tinting using the stove method. The fact is that this treatment is almost three times more expensive than standard dimming, but it is also more labor-intensive and more accurate. To darken the windows in this way, the windows must be removed from our car and thoroughly cleaned. Clean windows are placed in the oven where special darkening material is applied. The degree of darkening of the glass depends on the amount of titanium placed on the square centimeter of the glass. Although this procedure is much more expensive, it is worth investing, because it is also much more durable, and the coating that is applied to the glass does not scratch, brightens like "photochromic" glasses and reflects heat.

Summarizing what was written, tinting windows is not just lans. Well-tinted windows improve driving comfort and ensure better visibility. However, everything should be approached from a distance, so maybe painting glass with black paint is not the best idea.

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