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Why are my brakes wearing down?

The wear of the braking system components is a natural effect of the normal operation of the vehicle. Considering the role of the braking system in safe driving of the car, one should closely watch its work and with any disturbing symptoms, immediately take the car to a specialist.

Replacement brake discs and pads in UK

How does the braking system work?

The braking system is one of the most important elements of every vehicle, because it is responsible for our safety.
The braking system includes:

  • service (foot) brake,
  • parking (hand) brake, also called emergency brake.
The foot brake works by exerting pressure by pressing the brake lever with your foot, which is transferred via brake lines to the brake calipers / pistons exerting pressure on the brake discs / drums. By exerting this force, the car slows down or stops completely. The hand brake, on the other hand, works via cables that are pulled by levers (by hand) or by an electric motor, and the tension is converted into the braking force of the wheels.

What is the rating of the braking system?

The assessment of the condition of the braking system should include the following activities:

  • Visual assessment and verification of the condition of steel and flexible brake hoses,
  • Measurement of brake lining thickness (pads and shoes), brake disc thickness and brake drum diameter,
  • Checking the correct operation of the brake pistons (in calipers and cylinders),
  • Refilling or replacing the brake fluid,
  • Bleeding the braking system.

How to care for the braking system?

There are three simple rules to make our braking system serve us well:

  • Never exceed the wear limits of brake components,
  • Do not overheat the brakes, if you want to drive dynamic, invest in brand products,
  • Observe the brake fluid replacement interval, i.e. every 60,000 kilometers.

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