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Are you looking for a good way to disseminate information about your car service?

You can place your business card in our catalog, which is browsed by thousands of potential customers looking for car services and car repair shops in Great Britain.

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The most important feature that distinguishes us from a website is a very meticulous approach to the industry quality of data provided by business cards of companies. We want to promote good business - services and help potential customers find the right car service. We want to familiarize consumers with the offer of services in their area, focusing primarily on small workshops and family services.

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Our site is not limited to the company's address. You can present the full range of services offered by the workshop such as:

  • scope of activity - type of repaired vehicles
  • detailed information on the scope of mechanical repairs
  • information whether the service offers car electrical system repairs, diagnostics, air conditioning service and to what extent it does
  • information whether the garage deals with MOT tests
  • specialization in car brands
  • car tuning offer
  • and many others

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On our website your customers can publish opinions about workshops which they have used and give them a rating - in the form of stars similar to the one you know from Google Play or Apple store where applications are rated.

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You can promote your company in various ways on our website. You can highlight it or add advertising in a visible place.
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  2. Go to the main page - click Car services button,
  3. Find your country, city or location by following city tree - on the left menu,
  4. Click the Add company or Add place button and fill the form,
  5. We will send you an email to confirm informations about your company.
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